Arabic Courses for Foreigners at the American Academy

  • The American Academy for Training Courses (AATC) is one of the best institutions of teaching Arabic courses for foreigners and is widely reputable among foreigner Arabic-language-learners who have completed these courses at the AATC.
  • The American Academy provides courses of Classical Arabic as well as Colloquial Arabic for Foreigners, for those who are interested in getting in direct touch with Egyptians in different environments with regard to business, tourism and / or residency.
  • Arabic was not that easy as it is now with American Academy. The American Academy (AATC’s) curricula are based on interactive approaches enabling learners to practice Arabic inside an authentic Egyptian atmosphere.
  • The American Academy (AATC’s) “Arabic courses for Foreigners” are based on contents which utilize films, songs and visits to tourist destinations and markets; so as to ensure that learners are effectively practicing their Arabic.
Arabic Courses for Foreigner