Business Management Certificate at the American Academy

Certificate in Business Administration (DBA) is an advanced professional Certificate provided by The American Academy for Training Courses (AATC) which is ISO-9001 accredited language learning and training center collaborating with Atlanta Institute and The American Academy is one of the largest management centers all over Egypt.

It is through DBA that junior owners, entrepreneurs or managers can gain extensive knowledge in various business management fields, such as project management, human resource management and business planning, employee motivation methods and the business-market relationships. In other terms, DBA is certainly the first step for those who are willing to make great progress and achievements in their businesses because it provides a very precise and concise insight into each and every filed relating to business administration.

DBA covers:

  • Decision making process.
  • Problem solving approaches and methods.
  • Regulatory organizational planning.
  • Leadership and management; common grounds and differences.
  • Human resources management.
  • Planning and its role in business administration.

Upon completion of DBA, every student has to submit a research sheet on one specific subject covered by this DBA course.

Target audience:

Junior owners, entrepreneurs, or managers

Term of the Program: Two months for both theoretical and applied studies.


1. What is the teaching language during DBA program; Arabic or English?

It is optional to study DBA in Arabic or in English.

2. Do the course fees include the course materials? What materials should I have to study an AATC course?

DBA students can purchase materials either from any authorized outlets or from the official website: However, these materials are available at AATC.

3. Does DBA certificate depend on student’s attendance ratio?

A student must attend at least 65% of the DBA lectures so as to obtain his / her DBA certificate.

4.Who is the issuer of the DBA certificate?

American Academy is the issuer of the DBA certificates. However, any DBA certificate issued by AATC can be attested by the US Department of State, any ministry of foreign affairs of any Arab country and the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through AATC in return for additional fees. Any student’s DBA certificate can be attested within a period of 150 days from the date of completion the DBA program, after receiving the payment of the aforesaid additional fees by the student.

Business Management Diploma