Summer Program For Kids in 6th October City

Dear Parents:

Welcome to the 10th annual American Academy for Kids Teens summer enrichment program. We are proud to offer an exciting lineup of classes this year to suit everyone’s interests. With the wide variety of innovative and relevant courses that you have come to expect from American Academy for Kids, we truly look forward to seeing you this summer.

Each Summer Fun Program will last 4 months, with a focus on different themes in English. Activities will be language rich, and will include, arts & crafts, songs, stories, drama, and problem solving activities computer skills etc.

Children will be grouped into different classes according to their age and/or language ability, with a teacher student ratio of 1 to 15. For the summer Classes, the focus is on the spoken language, with reading and writing introduced as developmentally appropriate.

Reading is a complex skill with many components: an understanding of how sounds are put together to make words; fluidity in reading those words; an ongoing need for an ever-growing vocabulary; and an overall comprehension of understanding what is read. All of these areas will be addressed the Montessori way.

We offer a first come, first served registration policy, so please sign up for classes as soon as possible to avoid being put on waitlist.

Summer programmes for kids