Teaching for Preschool (Montessori)

Certificate in Montessori Preschool Teacher Certificate (MPTD) is an advanced professional Certificate provided by the American Academy for Training Courses (AATC) which is ISO-9001 accredited language learning and training center collaborating with Atlanta Institute and the American Academy is one of the largest teaching & learning centers all over Egypt.

The Montessori Preschool Teacher Certificate (MPTD) is developed specially for teachers, managers and owners of kindergartens and primary schools; it addresses the best educational methods and approaches suitable for the kids in the preschool a Kindergarten stage. These methods and approaches are mainly based on the concepts of funny learning.

With the MPTD, kindergarten teachers learn about the best ways to educate the kids through funny learning, developing these kids’ capabilities and skills through interactive activities and active and funny educational environment.

As revealed by its title, this MPTD is based on the pedagogical philosophy of the Italian scholar “Maria Montessori”, and aims at the development of kindergarten teachers and help the kids acquire creative abilities and skills, including innovative problem-solving and creative and critical thinking skills.

This MPTD covers all the subjects relating to preschool educational psychology and methodologies and the most common educational difficulties faced by the kids in this very specific age (from one year old up to 6 years old) and also the possible effects of these difficulties which may keep affecting the kids even after they grow up. In addition, this MPTD addresses certain behavioral problems of the kids, such as stubbornness, jealousy, proper punishment methods, distraction problems and lack of concentration.

Term of the Program: 5 weeks


1.Are there any requirements for the MPTD?

No, there are not.

2.Who is the issuer of the MPTD certification?

The American Academy issues and accredits all MPTD certificates.

3.How to obtain a MPTD certificate?

A learner can obtain an AATC-accredited MPTD certificate upon completion of the MPTD and the implementation of certain number of micro-research projects under the MPTD.

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