TEFL (Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language)

Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) is an advanced professional Certificate provided by the American Academy for Training Courses (AATC) which is ISO-9001 accredited language learning and training center collaborating with Atlanta Institute. The institute and its language programs are offered under supervision of the institution owning American International schools in Egypt and all over the world. This enhances the opportunities available for TEFL teachers looking for job opportunities at language and international school upon completion of the TEFL teaching Certificate; of which teachers’ preparatory programs and language teaching courses are subject to the supervision of the entity owning all American foreign schools all over the world, including Egypt. This will help the TEFL Teacher-Certificate-certified teachers to win jobs in foreign and language schools all over Egypt. And the American Academy is one of the largest language learning centers all over Egypt.

The “Teaching English as a Foreign Language” (TEFL) Certificate is offered by American Academy for all the teachers desiring to teach English to kids or adults. It helps them enhance their teaching skills and to gain high profits because it maximizes their opportunities to win jobs in language schools, universities and certified training centers.

This TEFL Certificate covers the following fields:

  • Language teaching topics:
    • Teaching Listening
    • Teaching Conversation
    • Teaching Vocabulary
    • Teaching Grammar
    • Teaching Writing
    • Teaching Reading
  • Best practices and methods for:
    • Preparing and planning lessons in English
    • Utilizing different educational resources
  • Classroom management and handling students
  • Best practices for students’ assessment and testing

Term of the Program: three months


1.Are there any requirements for the TEFL Diploma?

Yes, any applicant must pass English language spoken and written tests with a minimum of 65%.

2.What the entity awarding the TEFL Diploma?

The certificate is awarded by the US-based Atlanta Institute under the authorization of the institution owning all American schools all over the world, including Egypt. In addition, upon completion of the math and science teaching diploma, graduates will be granted certificate, a letter of certification by the American Academy.