Business English Courses (BEC): Overview

The American Academy for Training Courses (AATC) American Business English Program is made up of 6 courses. The American Academy is an ISO 9001 certified and authorized language learning and training center. It works in partnership with the US-based Atlanta Institute, and the American Academy is one of the largest language learning centers all over Egypt.

  • The American Academy provides Business English Courses (BEC) are designed specifically for professionals, managers, and businessmen to help them use English fluently in the workplace.
  • Course materials are closely related to professional management skills that stimulate to learners the professional environment at the workplace, help them develop their English reading, conversation, writing and listening skills. Learners work on case studies and topics about the business environment to learn how English is used in real situation.
  • To join the course, learners have to take a placement test. Upon completion of the course, the learner takes a final exam to measure his/her proficiency at the level. Upon passing that final exam, the learner can pass on to the next level and get a certificate showing the completed courses.
Business English Courses


1- Are English language courses offered in small or large classes?

An English language course class is 15 students as a maximum.

2- Do the course fees cover the course materials? What is the material used for the course?

The American Academy Courses for learners use materials published by Oxford University / Cambridge University. The material can be purchased from any authorized Oxford or Cambridge agent in Egypt, or from Amazon website. The American Academy can provide the learners with the material.

3- Do you provide any additional audio-visual material for home study?

Yes, there are CDs of home-study English phonetics activities.

4- How can I make sure that the AATC courses have enhanced my English?

The American Academy is a certified TOEFL center. Learners can take the TOEFL test following completion of all levels to make sure that their level has improved. Furthermore, AATC makes available TOEFL preparation courses so as learners can pass the TOEFL exams. In addition, the American Academy curricula prepare learners to pass the well-known British CPE exams, held by the British council, and the European CFE exams that can be taken at the Website of Oxford University’s Department of English Language.