Teaching English for Primary

Certificate in Primary English Language Education (ADPELE) is an advanced professional Certificate provided by the American Academy for Training Courses (AATC) which is ISO-9001 accredited language learning and training center collaborating with Atlanta Institute and the American Academy is one of the largest teaching & learning centers all over Egypt.

The Advanced Certificate in Primary English Language Education (ADPELE) is a high-level course which gives English language teachers in preschool and primary schools a crystal clear insight into the best methodologies for teaching English and how to make significant progress in classrooms.

ADPELE consists of three stages:
  • Learning about the basics of dealing with the kid learners and proposals for English teaching in preschool and primary schools.
  • Best English teaching practices, most convenient curricula and most concise ways to utilize the exercises relating to English teaching methods for kids learners. In addition, the participant teachers will learn about how to make advantage of English language in other educational subjects.
  • Practical applications of the ADPELE

Term of the Program: 6 weeks


1- Are there any requirements for the ADPELE?

Yes, any applicant must pass English language spoken and written tests with a minimum of 65%.

2- Who is the issuer of the ADPELE certification?

The American Academy issues and accredits all ADPELE certificates.

3- How to obtain ADPELE certificate?

A learner can obtain an AATC-accredited ADPELE certificate upon completion of the ADPELE and the implementation of certain number of micro-research projects under the ADPELE.

4- Will ADPELE certificate help me win job opportunities in foreign and language schools?

Of course, foreign and language schools would prefer ADPELE -certified teachers over those having no such qualifications.

teaching english for primary