Certificate in Marketing Management (DMM) at the American Academy

The Certificate in Marketing Management (DMM) is an advanced professional Certificate provided by The American Academy for Training Courses (AATC) which is ISO-9001 accredited language learning and training center collaborating with Atlanta Institute and The American Academy is one of the largest management centers all over Egypt.

The Certificate in Marketing Management (DMM) offered by American Academy is the best choice for those desiring to become successful sales and marketing professionals to enhance their experience and knowledge through getting familiar with the most creative concepts and breaking-through ideas in sales and marketing so as to win job opportunities in large international businesses.

In DMM, trainees come to know the most successful ways to set marketing plans, how to conduct studies on markets and competitors’ portions thereof and how to give businesses competitive capabilities so as to get dominance over others in markets.

The DDM program offered by American Academy covers the following subjects:

  • Important role played by marketing management in boosting businesses.
  • Strategic marketing planning.
  • Conducting predictive market researches on market portions and sales force.
  • Successful communications with customers.
  • Building competitive brands.
  • Marketing presentations preparation and implementation.
  • Management of marketing communication channels.
Target audience:
  • Businessmen and entrepreneurs desiring to boost their sales and market dominance.
  • Marketing and sales managers in large companies, individuals desiring to have marketing and sales functions in big businesses, or those willing to boost their incomes within short periods through improving their marketing sales skills.

Term of the Program: Two months for both theoretical and applied studies.


1.What is the teaching language during DMM program; Arabic or English?

It is optional to study DMM in Arabic or in English.

2.Do the course fees include the course materials? What materials should I have to study an AATC course?

DMM students can purchase materials either from any authorized outlets or from the official website: www.amazon.com. However, these materials are available at AATC.

3.Does DMM certificate depend on student’s attendance ratio?

A student must attend at least 65% of the DMM lectures so as to obtain his / her DMM certificate.

4.Who is the issuer of the DMM certificate?

The American Academy is the issuer of the DMM certificates. However, any DMM certificate issued by AATC can be attested by the US Department of State, any ministry of foreign affairs of any Arab country and the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through American Academy in return for additional fees. Any student’s DMM certificate can be attested within a period of 150 days from the date of completion the DMM program, after receiving the payment of the aforesaid additional fees by the student.

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