Human Resources Management Certificate

Certificate in Human Resource Management (DHRM) is an advanced professional Certificate provided by The American Academy for Training Courses (AATC) which is ISO-9001 accredited language learning and training center collaborating with Atlanta Institute and The American Academy is one of the largest management centers all over Egypt.

Certificate in Human Resource Management (DHRM) is an American Academy program covering the following fields:

  • Functions of HR manager.
  • Functions of HR specialist.
  • Hiring the right employees for your business.
  • Placement planning and development.
  • Employee performance evaluations.
  • Employee motivation.
  • Future business planning.
  • Overview of labour law.
  • Training schedule planning.
  • Business structure planning.
  • Employee salary planning.
  • Making job descriptions.
  • Conducting interviews.
  • Candidate evaluation and right placement.
Target Audience:

DHRM is an effective and highly important step to be taken by those who wish to get an HR function in large businesses. Furthermore, DHRM is a plus qualification for HR specialists willing to get extensive experience and vast knowledge concerning each and every field of HR administration.

Term of the Program: Two months for both theoretical and applied studies.


1.What is the teaching language during DHRM program; Arabic or English?

It is optional to study DHRM in Arabic or in English.

2.Do the course fees include the course materials? What materials should I have to study an AATC course?

DHRM students can purchase materials either from any authorized outlets or from the official website: However, these materials are available at AATC.

3.Does DHRM certificate depend on student’s attendance ratio?

A student must attend at least 65% of the DHRM lectures so as to obtain his / her DHRM certificate.

4.Who is the issuer of the DHRM certificate?

The American Academy is the issuer of the DHRM certificates. However, any DHRM certificate issued by AATC can be attested by the US Department of State, any ministry of foreign affairs of any Arab country and the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through AATC in return for additional fees. Any student’s DHRM certificate can be attested within a period of 150 days from the date of completion the DHRM program, after receiving the payment of the aforesaid additional fees by the student.

5.What approaches does American Academy implement in DHRM program?

Throughout DHRM program, there are various implemented interactive studying approaches, including theoretical lectures, group discussions, practical projections and applications and case studies based on real business cases.

6.Does American Academy help students find job opportunities after completion of DHRM program?

In the event of any job announcement by any companies whose staff are being trained at AATC, DHRM graduates will be recommended by AATC to these companies.

Human Resource Management Diploma