The American Academy for Training Courses (AATC) prides itself on having a record full of achievements. Through our courses and activities, we have helped so many factories, companies, universities, schools, parents and students; achieve their objectives and develop their business.

  • American Academy assisted in the movement of the AUC headquarters from Tahrir Squire to the 5th The American Academy provided the Master Mind SU Team training, supporting the headquarter movement project, to members of the AUC Students Union. In recognition of this contribution, AATC has received a letter of appreciation from the AUC Students Union for this training program.
  • The American Academy participated in many employment forums, developing the skills of students from several universities, including Helwan University, Cairo University and Ain Shams University, to meet the requirements of the labor market. In recognition of these efforts, the Deputy Chancellor of Helwan University for Community Service has sent the AATC a letter of appreciation.
  • The American Academy hosted many international university representatives to explore cooperation opportunities in training programs. All visitors have praised the achievements of AATC. Among these visitors, there were Dr. David Kernohan, Head of the Department of Economics, Business School, Middlesex University, UK; Dr. Hood, Head of the Department of International Students, Ruskin University, UK; and officials from other universities.
  • In 2008, AATC was awarded ISO 9001, the latest quality assurance certificate in the field of training services.
  • The American Academy provided many schools, including the Sharqia-based Mansourah Modern School and Brilliance Schools, with educational and management consultancy services.
  • The American Academy organized the 6th of October Best Mother Event for two consecutive years, honoring best mothers with awards.
  • The American Academy organized the Holy Qur’an Competition in 6th of October City, and granted awards to the winners. The celebration was attended by Prof. Dr. Talaat Afifi, the former Minister of Endowments.
  • The American Academy CEO has received many honors by public figures. The list includes Justice Fathy Saad, former Governor of the 6th of October; Dr. Awad Tag El-Din, former Minister of Health and Population; Prof. Dr. Talaat Afifi, the former Minister of Endowments; Prof. Mostafa Gouda, the President of BUE; and Dr. Hatem El-Bolok, current President of Sinai University, former Vice-President of Helwan University and CEO of the Egyptian Gulf Bank.
  • Through its distinguished training courses, AATC helped the development efforts at many international and local companies. The list includes Nestlé, Alexandria Bank, Fresh, Mars, Procter & Gamble, Universal, Pepsi, Momen Group, El-Sohagy Foods Co., B.Tech. Paint Technology, Scib Paints, Al-Ahram Beverages, etc.