American Academy for Training courses Egypt (AATC) is a language, Management, IT ,Teaching programs , school management service and international exams Provider with internationally accreditation.

American Academy Egypt offers international programs &exams which are accredited by different international partners.
American Academy Egypt offers a wide range of international training programs:

General English Courses, Conversation English Courses, Business English Courses, Teaching Arabic Courses for foreigners, Human Resources Certified Professional certificate, Teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL), Teaching Science & Math Program, Montessori Preschool teachers Program, School Planning Program & School Management Program, Soft Skills training programs, TOEFL IBT examinations, 10 different international Exams and All IT Computer courses.

Training Methodology

American Academy Training programs are designed to be as practical as possible and delivered through the latest modern Medias available.

About Us

The American Academy for Training Courses (AATC) is a training provider for international accredited qualifications & training programs. American Academy is located in Egypt.
Here is a snapshot of our range of accreditation's:

American Academy is Licensed & accredited by the Ministry of Manpower as an official registered training center. American academy is licensed by Ministry of industry, The Industrial Modernization Center (IMC) which is set to perform as the prime agent for substantiating the government’s vision of a vibrant and globally competitive industrial sector.

American Academy has acquired ISO 9001/2015 certification for its training courses. ISO 9001/2015 is a quality management system standard. ISO standards are established by the International Organization for Standardization to confirm that the company is following international quality assurance standards

American Academy is operating over than 50 authorized testing centers for a lot of Exams providers some of the exams provided are:
  • ICDL
  • ICDL Teachers
  • Prometric Exams
  • Cambridge Teachers Assessment
  • Star school admission and a lot of others international Exams you can check our Exams web site for more information.
Some of our programs are offered in affiliation with AEI (American partner). Our partners is accredited by the following international accreditation body:
  • CEA
The American Academy for Training Courses (AATC) was established in 2007. It has expanded to include five projects:
  • American Academy for Training Courses (AATC)
  • Operating International Testing Centers (ITC)
  • School Management and Educational Consulting Center (SMECC)
  • Factories and companies consultation for Human resources (IMC Project)
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  • Genuine quality.
  • A reputable international testing centers trusted by international students.
  • Internationally recognized certificates.
  • ISO 9001 certified training center.
  • An international academy with affiliation with leading US, and UK educational organization .
Read MoreThe American Academy for Training Courses (AATC) prides itself on having a record full of achievements. Through our courses and activities, we have helped so many factories, companies, universities, schools, parents and students; achieve their objectives and develop their business.
Read MoreThe American Academy for Training Courses (AATC) is a training provider with internationally accredited qualifications & training programs. American Academy is located in Egypt. Accreditation is one of the most important reasons to consider when choosing your training programs & training center.
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